13 Jul 2014

Pop up loveliness

Hello my sweet blogger readers.
I'm here!
I'm settled and have found a routine but I'm telling you, it's mad.

I love my new job.  It's a newly created role for the company so I'm trying very hard to fit in a new system without upsetting the old one.  The balance is fraught with tradition that needs new ideas but I like it all the same.  Lovely people in an incredible country setting and 8 miles from beautiful Stonehaven.

This tiny harbour is out of this world.  Pretty pubs, sweet boats and lots of yummy air to consume.  I adore it!

I was presented with a miniature whiskey.  It's the way of the Scots but I'm unsure if we are supposed to drink it it wear it ;)

Anyway this weekend I was at the Doncaster summer crafting event.  It's my third year here and I never want to discontinue the relationship with it.  I taught 180 crafters some cute and nifty techniques with foils, tapes and ribbon.  I had a blast.  I even managed a little retail therapy.  Enough to buy a few things for this.........  A box in an envelope!

It folds flat like this

And pops open like this by the recipient:

Fun little buggers, right????

Hope to blog more regularly now.  It's been too long since I had THIS much fun, crafting x

Hugs x

11 Jun 2014


When I started blogging in 2005, I blogged almost daily right up until July last year.  And now look at the pattern!!!  Grim, right?
With me absolutely embracing the 9-5 these days, my leisure time is of a premium.  But I'm still very much a part of the craft world.  Infact I'm at the Doncaster racecourse Summer Crafting even 10/11/12 July plus the craft event at Excel in london, Sept.
I have projects to share, I promise.  I think I need to split myself in two now, though!
I'll catch up soon, lovelies x

2 Jun 2014

Beauty in everything

When you're a city slicker, like me and then come to the countryside....... you notice things.  
Little things.  
Whimsical and amusing things.  
Like weeds dancing in the breeze, clouds forming pretty patterns and landscapes with interesting headlands.  You notice various shades of green, colours in walls and textures on trees.  It's quite the culture shock you become to appreciate on evening walks, miles from your family.

Wind turbines in the sunset

Rich tones in borders of hosta

Graveyards framed by nature

Cowslip taking centre stage on a dusty road

Churches miles from anywhere that takes all of your breath away

And young deer staring you out hoping you're not armed with anything sinister (No!  Just an iPhone.  All my recent images are iPhone shots)

I've not even ventured more than a mile by foot from my cosy cottage. I can't wait to see what lays ahead.

I'll share more soon!

28 May 2014

Pinch me!

Ive landed in the Aberdeenshire countryside which is mildly similar to heaven.  Not only do I get to live on a stunning, sprawling estate steeped in centuries of history but my place of work and the surrounding area is outrageously divine.

Here is one segment if my workplace (there are other sites too)

This is the drive up to the cottage where I'm staying (on the estate) - completely idyllic

I go on my day run on this stretch of yumminess

And tonight, after work, my colleague and I visited this beauty...... All but five miles away

In our WORK CLOTHES!!!!!  Sensible footwear on rickety bridges and gravelly paths!!! (Am crippled!!!)

I'm settled in now and have also crafted some pretty pretties.  Will share those tomorrow!

Laters x

13 May 2014

The Gift of Giving

I want to do nice things for people who have been kind to me before I shut the studio and move to Aberdeen.

My friend Sheilagh has NEVER seen her grandchildren altogether in one room before due to family living apart.  I wanted to get them together, unbeknown to her, for a photo that (i hoped) would make her happy.  This happened last week and tonight I delivered the photo to her as a sweet surprise.

She was gobsmacked.

Im delighted with how the picture came out but it was made such a pleasure with the kids co-operation......they were fantastic cousins and siblings!

Who can I surprise next?

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12 May 2014

A bunch of thistles

Couldn't be more apt for my move to Scotland.

The band, whom I've helped for over a year and I went out for our last night together.  They're doing espesh well having played with the Jam last week and at The Cavern on Sunday.  So proud of them.

I'm leaving them in good hands.  I can't wait to watch their story unfold.

Thanks boys (and Rach!!) xx

11 May 2014

Pretty makes

As part of my demos for Stix 2 and Woodware, I get to partner with Sizzix. Lucky me!
Using a combo of woodware stamps, card and ink with Stix 2 ribbon, glitters, hot glue, foils and adhesives along with sizzix dies....... I've come up with these pretty pretties.

Just cos I'm going back to normal work, I'll never stop making pretties.  Ever.