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12 Mar 2012

Classes and courses

If you want to find out about a Promarker class I'm running this week in St Helens, scroll down tot he bottom, if not - read on!

Online Photography Course
I have had an overwhelming amount of requests about my next online photography course (read full course instructions HERE) and am happy to announce that the next one is scheduled for Mar 30
th (a Friday - just in time to practice at the weekend).

This four class course is delivered to you in weekly chunks although you do have 2 months to complete it (for critique's sake). Some of my clients did not turn in critiques which is absolutely fine and therefore you can take the 4 complete classes in one chunk.
Its up to you. I will be available daily, on a dedicated private facebook page and will critique your photos on a private Flickr gallery. You also have links to two helpful videos.

Do not fear about the language I teach in - its all in
layman's terms. None of this technical mumbo jumbo. Its clear, concise and straight to the point. I also back up the first two lessons with technical mumbo jumbo, just in case you are inquisitive as to why I say "do this, then this, then this!". Its your choice to learn the easy peasy way or the thoughtful way. Either way, you have both ways of learning.

I teach you how to master the 5 key ingredients of your camera in the first 3 weeks in order to knit them together and be shooting in manual by week 4.
YES! You heard that right. All of my students from the last course are now shooting in manual. I'm not kidding - here are some of their comments

Adrian Howles
I have just completed Kirsty's online four week photography course. For those of you who (like me) have relied on the automatic settings of a camera for too long - this is the course for you. The dials, switches and functions on your SLR transform from being a complete mystery to a logical menu of options. Kirsty manages with ease and fun to teach you to take pictures stage by stage all the way to fully manual camera operation. You will surprise yourself with the speed at which you move your old style of pics from average to professional works of art. This online course does not pressure you with demands - it allows you to work at your own pace and the encouragement and support from fellow course members is second to none and a great source of fun learning. Give yourself time to learn how to navigate around Kirsty's social network and photo upload sites and you will reap the benefits of this fantastic course. A big thank you and well done to Kirsty!

Taken in week 2!


Paula Sykes
This course was perfect for a full time working girl like me! Kirsty's way of teaching is very clear and simple and for the first time EVER.....I actually understand my camera! I still cannot believe that I now shoot in manual and know what to do to rectify a dark or over exposed picture. The value for money is fantastic and I would encourage any beginner to sign up to this course. Happy Snapping!

Taken in week 3!

Deb Routeledge
I can't thank you enough for giving me the confidence to use my camera in manual and all of a sudden the camera manual doesn't seem so scary, I find I am understanding it more and more. Before, I would look at one page (in my camera's manual) and just close it in disgust as I couldn't understand that language!

Taken in week 1!


Tina Bayfield
This is the second photo course I have done with Kirsty and I would advise anyone to get on a course immediately it will change your use of your DSLR camera forever. Well I have learnt so much over the last 4 weeks on Kirsty's photo course. The assignment paperwork was very clear and easy to follow, the assignments were exciting and caused lots of excuses to get out into the fresh air. I know know what rule of thirds actually means. I had never used Manual before but now go to that first rather than automatic. I have never been able to get good night or firework photos, now I know how. Roll on Bonfire night! Aperture, Shutter speed, Iso and Manual, composition, Ive got the lingo and am becoming more confident in using them correctly.

Taken in week 4, Manual!

Ruth Hornby
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very well designed with each 'week' covering an element in excellent detail, but without all the jargon that so often comes with photography. The order in which they were delivered really helped me to understand the building blocks which go into producing a great photograph.

Although I had previously done a 1:1 with Kirsty and I am not a complete novice I still found the course invaluable. It made me go back to basics and really think about my photographs. The assignments provided an excellent way to drill my skills and I am sure I will be revisiting them many times in the future.

Taken in week 2

Judi Lipinski

I can't praise Kirsty enough, she is an amazing photographer and a brilliant tutor. I have learnt so much more than I expected to in this 4 week course. I now feel so much more confident using my camera and I now understand and am really enjoying using manual mode. The way Kirsty teaches makes it easy to understand and so much more fun than reading the manual!

The other thing I have loved about the course is the contact and continuing friendship, through the flickr and facebook sites that Kirsty set up specifically so that both she and the students can view and comment on each others work. It's been such fun and I can't wait to do another course if Kirsty decides to run any more (hint, hint!). I can't believe how much my photography has improved in 4 weeks and I am loving it.

Taken in week 1!


Lynn Anderson

Kirsty Wiseman's four-week online photography course is absolutely fantastic and comes very highly recommended. If you want to learn how to use your camera to it's full potential, in manual mode and grasp the all-important composition basics (as well as many tricks of the trade) then this is the course for you!!

Kirsty guides you every step of the way with amazing plainly-written tutorials and assignment sheets and you have her full support and feedback via Flickr, Facebook, video tutorials and the telephone. Also, being online, you can do the assignments around your family and work comitments, which makes it a perfect way to learn how to use your camera and take photographs you are proud of!!

Taken in week 2!


Tina Boyden

Just wanted to drop you a line to say a BIG thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've so enjoyed your course over the last four weeks - it has flown by - and as you promised at the beginning, "by the end of week four you will be shooting in Manual" - and we are!!
I've loved your "simple style" teaching method - with your clear assignments for us to do each week. I like it that you were at end of the phone should we need you - and a few of us did! I liked the explanation videos you did. I liked being linked up with the other people on the course via Facebook and Flickr. I feel I've learnt so much from you. The way you teach us what we really need to know in a way for us to easily understand is just brilliant. You had us all in the very first week taking some great photos - with your honest and helpful critiques. Your course has been such good "value for money" and I'm so glad I joined up to do it!! I've attended many a photography course but your's is by far the best. Thank you so very very much.

Taken in week 1!

Heather Ridout
Thank you for the sessions, Kirsty – I really have learned a lot and there was one moment I actually had a Eureka moment (which to be honest I wasn’t expecting on this course) when I was trying to work out why some pics were darker than others at apparently the same settings and figured it out. I’ll get there.

If you wish to book this course, the spaces are limited but I will run the course again in May if you miss your spot. To find out if you qualify for the course,
read full course instructions HERE. Then you can secure your place by visiting my shop here. If you book the course, let me know if you want all 4 classes at once or in weekly bite-sized chunks.

Promarker Class - St Helens, Crafts4U2Do, 17th March
Come and spend the day at Crafts4U2Do and watch me demonstrate Letraset's finest Promarkers or take a workshop with me in the afternoon. This is almost on my home patch, so it would be lovely to meet all you locals and get to know you.

Kirsty x
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twinkletoe said...

Wow those photos are amazing after such a short time. If only I had a DSL I would take your course for sure.

jamie said...

my gosh!
you are one talented-ful lady.
need to consider this seriously.
and loved your digi layouts for rhonna!

Cath Milmine said...

I've booked!! Can't wait to hear more!

Dawn said...

I am seriously thinking of taking your course now. These are the kind of photos I see in my minds eye but just can't transfer them to the photograph.

I have bought a EOS 1000D it has a 55mm lens I can not afford any more lenses at the moment would I still be able to create great photos on your course?

Dawn xx