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2 Mar 2013

Me and my little peach

This little dolly is such a love.  Since starting college, she really has started to come into her own.  She is reading a book a week, has started eating cake (namely coffee cake), is spending time with us on a night as opposed to vegging in her room - ooooh, all sorts.  She still won't discuss what precisely she gets up to at College therefore we have to pin her down, grab a spotlight and force the info out of her.  But tonight she came home and jibber-jabbered about gaining 25/25 in a maths test and how the teachers applauded her PowerPoint presentation about her impending visit to a museum.  She was so high on happiness that I grabbed a pic of her super wide grin and sparkly eyes........

Just look at her - this is what a sweet dream is made of.  I don't think we own a picture of her smiling so smiley-ly!

And now moooooooooore images from my fashion shoot in London this week.  Do ignore the vile comments from my perpetual anon commenter who thinks that photos like these can be achieved by 3 year olds.  She/He really is a nut job, that commenter, but my days wouldn't be the same without her/his disgraceful grammar and outrageous put-downs.  

Here is Emma on the stairs.  I normally DETEST back-lighting (Im a one strobe girl at heart) but on this occasions, I like the lighting from the landing here.

And my sweet pipistrel, Laura Jane. Momma told me to never stand on the  furniture but I was Momma here and I forced her to climb up and she happily obliged.

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Anonymous said...

Great fashion shots Kirsty. I'll send you my blonde mocha cupcake recipe so you and Ellie can bake some coffee cake treats :)

Ruth x

(Can't remember my google name to log in!)

Leena said...

These fashion image shots are fantastic, Kirsty. I wish I was tall and skinny to become a model but alas, my tiny 5.2 frame is too midget-like!!

Anonymous said...

What is ellie studying?a level maths at c her age and fish that is hard so great she is doing so well. PowerPoint is a great skill to have nowadays for university and job interviews too as most professions have that created for of presentation now don't they. Great she is doing so well

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely loving the fashion shots; I can get a mediocre photo with my bridge camera on automatic.... it scares me to use anything else! :-) One day I'll take a course and move the dial! LOL
And well done to Ellie! 25/25 in maths!!

Pol said...

Just wanted to say how very happy I am that Ellie is blossoming in college :)

Debo said...

(ooh! Blonde mocha cupcakes!!! Hope you're going to share that with us Kirsty!!)

Wonderful pic of you and the amazing Ellie! So good to hear that she's thriving at college.

Shirley Davis said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am to see that lovely smile - Ellie's inner strength and security are growing too - wonderful xx

ginny c said...

Great pic of you and Ellie , glad she is getting on great at college well done on her marks hope you all have a great weekend best wishes. Ginny x

teacakemake said...

Oh wow, these are awesome shots!

The best thing about this post is the Ellie factor! I am so glad that she is doing so well at college and congrats to her on 25/25 in maths :)

Carole Z said...

Well done to Ellie and a fab photo of you two as well! So pleased she is doing so well X Loving your photo shoot pics too, Carole Z X

Jen said...

Loving the new shots my dear, just further evidence that you are indeed all sorts of awesome. Hope you had a great time in the big smoke x x

Bumblebee said...

such a lovely picture Kirsty, so smiley!

Jaki Morris said...

Good grief, it's getting worse.

Beautiful things often take longer to bloom. Think of those wonderful desert flowers which have to wait years for the rainfall they need to blossom.
All good things come to those who wait.
And Anonymous, what goes around comes around

Louise said...

ooh i love these fashion shots....well done to Ellie x